Saturday, December 8, 2012

Greinke to Dodgers Was NOT the Plan!

In the last 24 hours we heard multiple reports that the Dodgers were throwing in the towel on trying to sign Zack Greinke. Which would have fit right into the Mariners plans as we tried to "woo" free agent Josh Hamilton away from the Rangers.

Greinke was supposed to be headed to Texas to eat up a lot of their payroll and make it harder for Texas executives to swallow the large contract of Josh Hamilton. Hamilton's second choice after Texas would have been the Mariners. Now that Greinke is a Dodger, we can all but assume that the Rangers will sign their veteran slugger and look for a pitcher for under the $147 million that Greinke took in today for 6 years.

There was another 4 team trade that was being talked about that would help the Rangers get outfielder Justin Upton from the Dbacks. That would have included the Mariners and Rangers along with another team in the mix. If the Rangers have the money for Josh Hamilton now, there is almost no reason for them to get Justin Upton. That deal may likely be squashed now.

So, the Mariners are back to square one again. Now, most likely in the cards to sign Nick Swisher to a multi-year deal that invloves more money than anyone should ever pay for his talent, but I do know he would help out our offense. With today's official announcement of Jason Bay signing, little by little we will get better.

The whole premise of this article is really just a "oh crap" statement. Anytime we have a remote chance at signing a high profile player, something stands in the way or gets in the way. Today, it was the Dodgers. Today, it was Zack Greinke. Today, I am irritated beyond belief.

All hope is not lost. Hamilton could be irritated that he had to wait for Greinke to sign and may want to bolt. I would if I were him. Josh Hamilton doesn't want to be second pick. Texas has a way about treating their stars. Look at Michael Young, after all he did to help make the Rangers what they are today, they basically gave him to Philly today and sent a load of cash too. So, Josh Hamilton, if you're reading; Come to Seattle where you will be number one, or, stay in Texas as they replace you with a new fielder and ask you to just DH and only let you play the field every so often.

Seattle has a tradition of respecting it's athletes. I can't say the same for Texas.

The Mariners will most likely have to do some wheeling and dealing to add much more. Talks have gone on and on with just about every player known to man and there hasn't been anything done. We can assume that there has been a lot hinging on the signing of Hamilton which was hinging on the signing of Greinke. Now that the ball has started rolling, we should see Hamilton within the next couple of days and then Swisher. Hopefully it all happens soon. The stress can really get to me.